Global Trumpets is registered in Germany since July 2018 as Global Trumpets UG, an Entrepreneur Company (with limited liability)

It’s tasks are

– the further development of the trumpet, it’s playing technique, and it’s repertoire

– concert and education projects around the trumpet and other brass instruments 

– the further developement of the “Monochrome Project” (ensemble with multiple trumpets)

Monochrome project

Anthony Braxton, composition no 103 for seven trumpets

Theatre of Eternal Music Brass Ensemble

La Monte Young, The Second Dream of the High Tension Line Stepdown Transformer, the melodic version for 8 trumpets

in development

  • Double portrait with Marton Illes and Juste Janulyte, 2 pieces for 8 trumpets
  • scheduled for Wittener Tage für Neue Kammermusik 25-26 April 2020
  • Scheduled for 2020: Rebecca Saunders: Either / Or (working title): Installative performances and exhibition for four double bell trumpets and music boxes
  • Brass for Beginners in Germany:



photos by
Vincent Pontet (La Monte Young project)
Heinrich Brinkmöller-Becker (Braxton project)